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I was visiting a blog that I know many, many people find their way to, and I came across a link to an old post that really expresses a lot of what I’ve been thinking about over the past several months.  The reasons behind my desire for country living are nearly identical to those listed in Amy’s post, though I would add that growing organic food for a healthier lifestyle is one that is on my list.  Check out Amy’s Humble Musings if you haven’t already.  She’s well worth the read.


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Friday Splash 6/2/06

Time for my splashes of joy for the week!

  • Baby learned to wave
  • Had a great time at the park with a friend while our kiddos played
  • DH had Monday off, so this is a short week
  • Bud's results on his academic analysis
  • Missy read a story to Baby all by herself
  • Listening to DH read stories to the kids at night

All right, your turn!  What brightened up your week?

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Carnival Day!

The Beauty of Rainy Days is this week's Carnival of Beauty topic.  Check out Allison's site, The Autumn Rain, to see this week's posts.  I made my Carnival Debut.  Check it out here.

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I never thought I would start a blog.  It would never have occurred to me if not for my sister-in-law's advice.  She recommended it as a way to get me into the habit of writing regularly.  So I'll try.  I don't really know that I have a whole lot to offer, but I need this for me.  I need a place to stretch myself outside of my usual roles of wife and mother, and I have always loved to write.  I love to think through politics and faith, and I love to debate ideas.  Hopefully I can do that here.

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