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A few years ago when DH and I were looking at buying a house in Hawaii, we were warned by my sister that the housing bubble may be near its end and that we should be cautious.  She cited Doug Tjaden, pastor/elder of The Mountain Church in Castle Rock, CO.  I went to his blog and thought, “Hmmm.  That sounds really extreme.  He sounds very alarmist, and I don’t hear anyone else talking doom and gloom.”  So I dismissed him.  Then last year, the housing market started to decline. Foreclosures were way up this summer.  But still, I thought, “It’ll correct.  That’s what the market does. Now’s the time to buy.”   Somewhere in the back of my head, though, I thought of what I had read at Doug’s website.  “Didn’t he say the housing bubble would burst? ” 

Then in September when the DOW took a dive and the banks started collapsing and/or begging for federal funds, it occurred to me that maybe Mr. Tjaden had been right about more than just the housing market.  So I headed back over to his blog for a refresher.  Again, I thought, “This guy sounds like an alarmist.  Surely, the goverment will find a way to lessen the effects of this recession.  And there’s no way this will be a global economic crisis.”  I’ll admit, though, I was beginning to have some serious doubts

Then last week on the news, “EU in a recession.”  Yesterday on the news, “Japan in a recession.”  Hmmmm.  Maybe we’ve been putting our hope in the wrong places all along.  Woudn’t be the first time. 

So, I would recommend that you check out his website.  Read some of what he has to say.  The more I’ve read over time, the less I think he is alarmist.  He actually takes a pretty cautious approach, researching before reacting.   You may want to check this out first to give you a brief overview of where he’s coming from.

Anyway, it is just some food for thought.  There’s not much we can do differently, anyway.  Not as far as the financial situation goes.  But no matter what, if anything, is coming, there is no better time to reevaluate our priorities across the board.  Renew our passion for Christ and His Kingdom. Let go of the things of this world that entangle us, enslave us, and lure our eyes from Jesus.  Do the hard things that we know are right.  And pray for real revival.


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