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Well, since we are now out of the Army and on civilian health care, we were able to have Bud tested for food sensitivities. His results were positive for wheat, cow’s milk, goat’s milk, cheese, pumpkin, kidney beans, pinto beans and brewer’s yeast. So in addition to eliminating those things, we are officially on a gluten free/casein free diet and experimenting with substitutions and new foods to have healthy, tasty meals and snacks. (Trader Joe’s has been my new best friend. )  So far, I can’t say that we’ve been super successful, but we have only had about one week of being completely free of these foods. We started 4 weeks ago, but have had slip ups along the way (like one day at lunch I absent-mindedly fixed everyone a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread).

Eating out has been challenging. We have found that Macaroni Grill and Outback Steakhouse have allergy menus. PF Changs does, too, but we can’t find one around here.

Bud was also tested for heavy metal toxicity and the results were extremely high for antimony, but seemed fine for everything else.  We think maybe the antimony is from his memory foam mattress topper, so we’ve removed that.

Bud’s medicine is reduced to 35/20/20mg down from 40/30/30mg. He is on a probiotic, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, selenium and DHA. I hope to report a greater improvement in another couple of months.


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Today was a Monday Monday.  The kind of Monday that makes Garfield throw his blanket  back over his head.  Unfortunately, as a mother of four, two of whom are under the age of two, I didn’t have the option of crawling back under my fluffy comforter this morning. 

The trouble began last night when L’il Britches decided that sleeping for more than two hours at a time was somehow out of fashion.  Also on his “out” list was going immediately back to sleep when I nursed him.  So for every two hours that I slept I was up for 30-40 minutes feeding the baby. 

Then our morning began at the usual time and we had school and chores to do.  Unfortunately, Sunshine was over-tired from a trip to the aquarium over the weekend and skipping too many naps.  So instead of playing quietly while the older kids and I did our school time, she cried.  Over everything.  Over nothing.   Typical toddler inconsolability.  It is very difficult to explain division to an ADHD child with that kind of noise going on in the background.  If you don’t believe me, you’re welcome to come over and try sometime.

 Amazingly, though, by about one o’clock everyone had been taught, fed, read to and put to bed (or seated on the couch for quiet time).   And I got a chance to type up this blog.  So, overall, although it is challenging, having two under two isn’t impossible.  This is good news for me, because we just found out that in a few more months we’ll have three under the age of three.  Another little blessing is on the way sometime around Valentine’s day.  Phew.  I think I’ll head over to Amy’s Humble Musings for some encouragement!

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ADHD — A Check Up

We had Bud in for a check up today.  We wanted to monitor his growth and check on a heart murmur that was recently discovered, and basically check in with his doctor about his medication to make sure everything was as it should be.  Turns out, everything looks good, weight gain surprisingly included.  The doctor wants a few more tests done to make sure the heart murmur is “innocent” in nature, but he was not concerned and neither are we.  So, overall, we have been reassured.

As an indication of the change we have seen in Bud over the past few months, let me relay a couple of incidents that have occurred this week:  First, one of his Sunday School teachers approached me after church and I didn’t cringe inside, wondering what Bud had done this time. 🙂  Actually, she told me Bud was doing so well in class now.  She said, “I only teach his class about once a month, and one month he was one way (always in trouble), and then the next month he was completely different.  It was like night and day.  We have been able to get to know him now!  Did you do something different?”   It was encouraging to hear.  It kind of balances out the time in a different church when his Sunday School teachers told me they wouldn’t take him in their class anymore ( a couple of years ago).  The second incident that occurred was just this morning while we were going to the different stops at the hospital to check out his heart.  In the doctor’s office, he played quietly with some toys for an hour while the doctor and I talked.  When he got bored, he came and sat on my lap.  (This is the same boy who, while we were being “interviewed” about his ADHD originally, was pounding his paper with the crayons and slinging a rubber lizard about the room within 10 minutes. ) Later on in the EKG room, the receptionist commented to me, “He is so well-behaved!  Most kids are running around and yelling !  What is your secret!” 

Fortunately, Bud got to “overhear” these compliments on his good behavior, which is a perfect reinforcer.   I wish I could take credit for the “change” in Bud, but we haven’t done that much differently.  It is almost entirely the benefit of the medication.  Conversely, however, a great deal of our trouble before cannot be directly charged to me either, but rather to the ADHD.  So the conclusion?  We weren’t horrible failures as parents before and we are not suddenly new and improved perfect parents now.  We just found out what we were up against, and found the right (for us, for now) tool to  combat it.

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Been Gone a While…

Wow, I didn’t realize that it had been so long since I blogged last.  For that first week off, I didn’t seem to have too much to say.  Then DH switched work schedules so he’s on day shift now, plus he’s taking distance learning classes.  That means when he is home in the evening, he’s got the computer monopolized for school work.   I just plain haven’t had access to the computer during my evening free time.  And there have been plenty of things I could have blogged about: the recent school shootings, the new book I’m reading, Better Off, and the change we’ve experience in the past couple of months since we started Bud on ADHD medication.

 Right now, I am squeezing this little paragraph in while supper is cooking and the kids are doing some chores.  I will try to get in a blog about the change around here since the medication sometime this weekend, but I make no promises.  🙂 

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You are Invited!

ADD A Carnival type event  for ADD/ADHD Awareness!  See ya’ there on Wednesday!

 Click here to “attend”.

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Murphy’s Law

Well, Bud’s doctor had asked me to let him know how the new medication was working, so after over a week of success with Bud not once going to sleep after 10 o’clock, I called the doctor yesterday to say how great things were going. 

Naturally, last night Bud didn’t fall asleep until midnight. *sigh*  Here’s hoping that was a fluke….

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Sweet Sleep

The last five nights have been like an oasis in the desert we’ve been in for the past month.  I didn’t realize how we had barely been holding on to our sanity, and how stressed and tired we were until we finally found some relief.  And the relief is sweet, for all involved.

After 4 weeks of Bud not sleeping at night until nearly midnight, inspite of our efforts, I called his doctor to see if we needed to change his ADHD medication.  Instead of changing it, his doctor recommended that we do his original ADHD med in the morning and then use a separate one (which treats ADHD in a non-stimulant way) at bedtime. 

I was skeptical, since from his birth he has had difficulty falling to sleep, and I was hesistant to give him any other medication.  It had taken us a long time to get comfortable with medication in the first place, and I didn’t want to give a med and then have to give him a new med to treat side effects. 

However, the first night we tried the doctor’s plan, Bud fell asleep in 30 minutes.  THIRTY MINUTES!  DH and I came down stairs at 9 o’clock and just looked at each other in amazement.  The next night, same thing.  For 3 out of the last five nights, Bud has fallen asleep within 15-20 minutes of turning the lights out.  The other two nights have been more typical of what we were dealing with by way of arguing and anger at bed time, but even on those nights, he’s been asleep before 10. 

Bud has been waking up cheerful and he is not resisting taking his morning medicine anymore.  (He had been complaining about taking it because he knew it was keeping him from sleep at night.)  We are more calm and relaxed in the evening, and overall we have a sense of getting our lives back.  I have even been looking ahead at our homeschooling year and started planning for it.  It feels good.

Life isn’t all roses, of course.  We still have our share (and someone else’s, I think) of outbursts and defiance, but there is a great sense of control and hope now in our home.  And the more I have read about other parents dealing with ADHD and ODD/CD, the more I am convinced that we did the best thing for Bud by choosing to use medication as part of our plan.   We just keep doing the best we can with the information we have, and I keep praying hard that God will pursue Bud’s little rebellious heart.

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