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Here are some things I wish I was doing:

  • Writing everyday
  • Singing more
  • Getting up before the kids
  • Spending time with God each morning and night
  • Teaching my kids logic
  • Sighing at my children less and laughing with them more
  • Eating healthy
  • Making DH feel like a super hero
  • Living simply
  • Taking more risks
  • Calmly training my kids
  • Remembering the important things
  • Letting life experiences teach my kids most of the time and using the textbooks to supplement, instead of vice versa
  • Managing our home well
  • Spending more time looking my kids in the eyes
  • Finding contentment in the now ūüėÄ

Ok, so that’s just some of the stuff I feel like I could improve or start doing.¬† Sometimes I get a little discouraged thinking of how imperfect I am and how I “should” be doing better — but that kind of thinking only leads to defeatism.¬† The real challenge is¬†seeking after the One.¬†¬† If I can do that, the rest takes care of itself.¬† Wait…. that reminds me of a verse I learned long ago.¬† “Seek¬†first his kingdom¬†and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”¬† Alleluia!


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