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Punky in her church dress at 3 weeks old

Well, Punky is 6 weeks old now, and we are getting adjusted.  We restarted our home school schedule when she was 2 weeks old and have been working out the glitches.  She usually sleeps in the morning, so our school schedule has been largely unaffected.  Unfortunately, I still have two toddlers to occupy during our school time, and that has not been so easy.  Li’l Britches learned how to climb, so he’s into more trouble than ever.  Overall, though, we’re getting it together.  My house may not be very clean, but it isn’t  horrible and everybody has clean clothes to wear and food to eat.  Can’t ask for much more. 🙂

I hope with time I will get back to writing more regularly.  This is an election year, so I may get into a few political discussions on here.  Or maybe not.  I’m a little disappointed with how things are shaping up so far. 


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One of Punky\'s first pictures

Well, here she is, finally. 🙂  I’ll call her Punky here, due to her interesting hairdo.  When she was born, she looked bald on top until the very back of her head, which had hair standing straight up.  She looked a bit like an old man. 🙂  Since then, her hair has settled down.  It is still very short in front, but it at least lays down in the back. 

So, Punky was born at 1:30 a.m. on Thursday, February 21, 2008.  (Disregard the camera caption on the photo.  The date is off on our camera and I haven’t taken the time to fix it.  That may come back to haunt me in a few years when I finally get around to organizing my pictures into an album and I try to figure out when we took them!)  She was 7 lbs. 4 oz, and 19 inches long.   I’ll give you the semi-condensed version of how her birth went.

At 11:30 p.m. on the 20th I went to bed, having only had sporadic contractions that evening.  As soon as I laid down, I started having contractions every few minutes.  10 minutes apart, 8 minutes apart, 7 minutes apart… and I couldn’t fall asleep.  At 12:15 I thought, maybe I should get up and get dressed and if they didn’t stop I’d wake DH.  So at 12:30 I was certain these were serious contractions that wouldn’t let up, so we left my mom with the kids and got into the car.  I called the midwife on the way to let her know we were coming in.  I said I probably could have stayed home longer, but given my past record I would rather labor at the hospital in case things went really fast.  I am so glad we left when we did! 

We got to the hospital at about 1 a.m.  and on our walk from the car to the Birthing Inn, I decided that labor really stinks.  I forgot.  How I could forget, I don’t know, but I always do.  And then it hits, and I think, “This really stinks, because there is no way to stop now.”  I also decided that since I had already gone through child birth twice naturally, I had nothing to prove and that I would get an epidural if at all possible.

When we walked in and the nurse met us, she took one look at me and decided to skip triage and send me straight to a labor room.  (I found out later that she also made a bet with another nurse that I would deliver before the other nurse’s patient.)  Well, they get me settled in, and I told them that I wanted an epidural, so they started all the preliminary steps for that.  About half way through their questions, I asked, “So, how long until the anesthesiologist can get here….”  When the nurse said 30 minutes,  I knew I would never make it that long.  So I readjusted my thinking.  I didn’t want to be hoping for an epidural that would never come.  It wasn’t long after that when they checked my progress and I was at a nine.  The midwife said, “Do you want to just try to push this baby out with the next contraction?”  I was like, “Yes, thank you!  There is nothing I would rather do than to end this labor now!”

Unfortunately, the baby was turned face up.  I could tell that something wasn’t quite right because she wasn’t out with the first push.  I pushed a couple more times, and she was born.  She had the cord around her neck and her ankle, but she was never in any danger.   The first thing I said when I saw her was, “She has the longest fingers!”

My recovery time was a little longer than I had expected, and I think it was from the trouble there at the end.  It was reminiscent of when my first baby was born (after 45 minutes of pushing).   I remember feeling like I’d been run over and that every muscle hurt.  It was a little like that after Punky.  I am glad my mom was staying with us for a few more days!

Here\'s the first picture of the whole crew.

This is the first photo of all five of our little ones.  Notice how happy Sunshine and Li’l Britches are. 🙂

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