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Li’l Britches 2 days old

I am so excited to announce that our newest blessing has arrived, healthy, happy and much loved.  Li’l Britches decided to stick with the family tradition of laboring on the 1oth of the month.  So, January 1o when I went in for my OB appointment with the midwife, my water broke and the adventure of birth began.  Labor went well, slow and easy for the first several hours, then fast and furious for the last hour or so.  At 4:35 he arrived weighing 6 lbs. 12 oz. and measuring 19 inches in length.  He cried for about two minutes, then opened his gorgeous eyes and studied the world around him.  He was so quiet I kept asking if he was o.k. 

Li’l Britches and I came home the next evening and we’ve been working on adjusting to life as a family of six.  So far, so good. 🙂  We’ve been so blessed by our church family and our military family both as meals have been provided nearly everyday since he was born.  The only thing that is missing is being able to share our joy with our family.  Emailed pictures and phone calls are poor substitute for the grandparents and aunts and uncles who wish they could be here with us to celebrate.  We are looking forward with much eagerness to our return to the mainland in August.  In the mean time, pictures and phone calls will have to do.


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First off, let me answer the “Question of the Day.”  No, I have not had this baby yet. 

Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way…I think it is time to get the name situation straightened out.  For the purposes of this blog, I’ve been calling my youngest, Baby.  However, any day now (hopefully), Baby will no longer be the baby of the family.  So, I’ve decided that from now on she’ll be called Sunshine.  Her new favorite song is “You are My Sunshine,” and she has brought so much laughter and light to our family, that I think it is appropriate. 

When this new little guy finally decides to arrive, he’ll need a name, too.  So I’ve decided for various reasons, to call him Li’l Britches. 

Now, if only he would decide it was time to meet us…

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All of us who have carried babies to term know that the last month is the longest and slowest, with the last two weeks being even slower and longer.  And so it goes.  I am eager to meet this tiny boy who has grown in me for the better part of a year.   I wait for signs that labor is approaching.  I try to remember the sequence of events from my other labors, but I get muddled.  Not that it will matter.  The baby will come when he is ready and not before —  no matter what I do.  I think that is what is so frustrating.  I just want to do something to get things going.  My laundry is done, my floors are clean, my bag is packed…I am ready.  But still I must wait.  So, I’ll do another puzzle.  I’ll wait a while longer.  What choice do I have?

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