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This week has had it’s dark moments, but there is always, always joy to be found.  Here’s what I enjoyed this week:

  • DH has a loooooonnnnnggggg weekend.  Unofficially starting today and lasting through the 4th of July. 
  • Baby is saying Daddy, Duckie, and Doggie all the time now, and that has been so much fun.
  • Being on a budget! (How many people do you know that count that as a joy?)
  • I met my 12 wk mark in the pregnancy, so chance of  miscarriage is much lower.
  • The energy crisis seems to be ending (see above).

All right, once again, I invite you to share any splashes of joy that made their way into your week! 


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Hard News to Take

Sometimes a phone call brings happy news–of babies expected or babies born, of scholarships won or tests passed, of engagements and weddings, holiday greetings, and job promotions.  But sometimes, a phone call delivers more troubling news.  So when my sister called to tell me this afternoon, I could tell by her voice that the news she had was the troubling kind.  (more…)

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Early Signs of Genius

Einstein Baby

She always makes me smile.  Thought this picture might make you smile, too.

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I missed last week's Splash of Joy post because I had taken the whole week off.  This week, I want to include some of my children's joy splashes.

  • Having a friend over to our house to play
  • Making a craft
  • Eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • Playing High-Ho Cherry-O with Mom
  • Doing "stunts" on their bikes
  • Doing reading lessons and homework (honest, they really said that!)
  • Going to a friend's house to play

So there you have it.  My children have spoken out in their joy.  I don't think I'll ask what they didn't enjoy about the week, because well, I don't really want to be that transparent.  You might actually have the idea that I'm a pretty good mom, and I wouldn't want to disillusion you. 🙂

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"If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world."

    –C.S. Lewis in Mere Christianity

As a perfectionist (by nature, though by no means in practice), I find that I am often dissatisfied with the state of things, from household trivialities to global crises.  I get frustrated with my own shortcomings perhaps most of all, and I have to remind myself that there is no perfection this side of Heaven.  Amazingly, that is the hope that keeps me motivated.  I have so much to look forward to, and I know that this world will never satisfy. In fact, I am surprised at how much of my time I have spent trying to make this first brief life "perfect".  Expecting perfection in this life is an affront to our hope of Heaven.  There is freedom in looking ahead toward That Day.  We can be at peace in our striving, because we know that God has given us dissatisfaction with the state of the fallen world as a way of keeping our appetites whetted for His return.  And we fight the good fight, knowing that we were created for much more than this.

"We are reaching for the future.  We are reaching for the past.  And no matter what we have, we reach for more.  We are desperate to discover what is just beyond our grasp.  Well maybe that's what Heaven is for."

–Carolyn Arends, Reaching

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I didn't blog at all last week.  Didn't write for this blog, didn't read anyone else's blog, didn't even really think about the blogosphere, except to think, "I have more important things to do right now than blog."  What were those important things?  Well, certainly nothing exciting or even all that out of the ordinary.  I am just being a wife, a mom, and an at-home teacher.  Oh, and I'm growing a new miraculous life within my own body.  Maybe that is the kicker (seriously, no pun intended!).  Adding on the extra task of humbly participating in creation has me a little behind the ball on some extraneous things like blogging.  And mopping my floor.  But I'm choosing not to feel guilty about either.  My children are growing fast, and they won't remember a clean floor so much as a shared story time.  And I'm sure very few miss my contributions to the blogosphere, but I know my children would miss our games of catch and Candyland.  And since my energy is in higher demand now, I have to pick and choose what is worth the spending.  So, I am sorry if you have missed my writings.  I'm not gone.  Just having a local energy crisis.  But don't worry, it shouldn't affect your gas prices.

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This week’s splashes of joy:

  • Seeing Li’l Blessing on the ultrasound
  • Having dinner with DH at a nice restaurant by ourselves (thanks J and V for babysitting!)
  • Blessings of encouragement for my Mom and Dad
  • Missy and Bud enjoying VBS for their first time
  • Christmas scheme-ing already in the works 🙂
  • Laughing over the Reader’s Digest stories while waiting in the doctor’s office. (Don’t you love those?)
  • Reading to Baby at night

Ok, now it’s your turn.  Share your joy!

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